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About Christa Terry

Christa Terry has been dancing since age six, and while she has danced in studio and on stage in ballet and en pointe, jazz, and just about every other form of dance you can think of, tap has always been her passion.

That passion grew into a love of musical theater, and she has been blessed to dance in productions of shows from Anything Goes to Sweet Charity. She got her first taste of teaching at the Levittown Public Schools Dance and Gymnastics program.

A multi-year alumnus of Dance Olympus in NY, Beantown Tapfest in Boston, and many other conventions, Christa Terry studied extensively under Julia Boynton and took classes with Michelle Dorrance (founder and artistic director of Dorrance Dance) and Josh Hilberman before moving to the North Shore and jumping back into teaching tap classes.

As the lead tap teacher at RDX in Beverly, MA, she taught beginner, advanced beginner tap, and fast intermediate tap dance classes to kids, teens, and grownups, and performed and competed over multiple years as part of the award-winning Company Revive.

Now Christa Terry is teaching kids, teens, and adults tap at Dance Enthusiasm in Salem, MA, and is on track to earn her American Tap Dance Foundation teacher certification in spring of 2020.

Why learn TAP dancing? Looking for tap classes in your area? For fun, for fitness, for auditions, or because you love musicals as much as Christa Terry does - there are as many reasons to take tap classes as there are people who tap!

Happy tapping!


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