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What Is National Dance Day?

Every year, the third Saturday in September rolls around and I miss it *facepalm* I have literally forgotten about National Dance Day for the past five years! I don't feel bad about it, though. Judging by the Sunday National Dance Day posts on Instagram, I'm not the only one.

 So what is National Dance Day?

National Dance Day was established by American Dance Movement co-founder, Nigel Lythgoe, (also co-creator of So You Think You Can Dance) and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton in 2010. The idea was to encourage Americans of all ages - including adults - to incorporate dance into their lives and to show support for dance as a valuable form of exercise and of artistic expression.

There are a number of events, activities, and social media initiatives that happen on National Dance Day. You can see them all here, but a big part of National Dance Day is the annual routine.

Every year, there is a new National Dance Day combo tutorial, available online, that dancers and non-dancer…