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11 Reasons Taking an Adult Dance Class Is a Great Idea

​A lot of people think of dance classes as a kid thing - one of those hobbies you quit after high school graduation. So they're surprised when I say I not only teach dance, but that some of my students at Dance Enthusiasm are adults and I also try to regularly take dance classes myself! The most common comment I get after telling people I dance is, "I wish I could take a dance class." And my response, without fail, is always, "Then do it!"

I get it... there are kind of a lot of reasons NOT to do it. Finding the time to take a dance class as an adult when you have a job or kids or both is hard. Maybe you're worried about being the only one in the class who doesn't know what you're doing. Or if you're a beginner, that you'll be in a class with teens or even kids! And I know a lot of us get intimidated just thinking about putting on dancewear.

But before I tell you just some of the reasons that taking an adult tap class or other dance class is an awesome idea, let's address those worries one by one.

First, most adult dance classes are super flexible when it comes to attendance because, well, being an adult is hard, and sometimes you have to take care of business instead of coming to dance class. That's reality!

And sure, you might not know what you're doing... at first. Adult dance classes are filled with supportive people who all share the same love of dance, and they're going to help you get caught up quickly.

Most dance studios with adult programs keep their kids and their grownup dancers in different classes.

And chances are good that the dress code for students in adult tap classes or other adult dance classes will be a little more forgiving so you probably won't have to wear a leotard. Usually we're all dancing in our  everyday activewear. Or, you know, sweats. :)

Now that I've addressed your concerns, let's talk about the benefits of taking adult dance classes.

1. It's an amazing workout. Ballet works your whole body. An adult tap class or jazz class will get your heart pumping. Hip hop and belly dancing will work muscles you didn't even know you had! Plus, as workouts go, I think dance is a lot more fun than doing circuits on the TRX.

2. Dance is a mental workout, too. If you want to keep your brain sharp, dance will do it. Learning combos and choreography forces your brain to make all kinds of new connections, and so does working your legs and your arms while moving around in space.

3. Adult dance classes relieve stress. It's almost impossible to keep negative or anxious thoughts in your head when you're totally focused on learning to move your body in new and challenging ways.

4. You're going to get more flexible. Think you can't improve flexibility as an adult? Think again! Take a season of ballet and you'll be bending and stretching in directions you never thought possible.

5. You'll get stronger and have more endurance. Muscles you never use in your day to day life get used in a dance studio, so your body will change in astounding ways.

6. It is "me time." Self care is tough, but if you sign up for a season of adult tap classes​ or ballet, jazz, hip hop, or belly dancing, self care gets built into your schedule. And when you dance, you're doing something just for you.

7. Dance is a social experience. Some people opt to take private adult dance lessons, but even then you're studying with an instructor. In group dance classes, you'll get to know new people who love dance as much as you do.

8. Dancing means always learning something new. How often do we adults get a chance to learn new skills just for the heck of it? Not often enough! It feels good to learn new things or to get better at something.

9. Dance classes can spark a new adventure. Some studios with adult dance classes offer performance opportunities - a chance to shine on stage! Or you could enter a local talent competition, or take your new dance skills and audition for community theater.

10. You'll love your body more. We live in a culture that tells us our bodies aren't good enough, but in the dance studio your body will prove itself worthy of love and pride. It's not about jumping high or tapping fast, but rather about seeing what your body is capable of with fresh eyes.

11. It's fun! Dance has probably been a part of human culture since the beginning because most of us love to do it.

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you've never taken dance classes before, it's never too late! You don't have to perform on stage or put on a leotard. Just find a tap class, a ballet class, or some other dance class and drop in to check it out. Chances are you're going to find a welcoming and supportive group of dancers who will be so happy to have you join them.

Want to tap dance? Christa Terry teaches group and private tap classes for adults
and kids at various North Shore venues, and is now teaching adult tap classes at Dance Enthusiasm​ in Salem​ on Thursdays! More info:​​​. She’s also available for classes wherever students want to hold them around Beverly, MA, Salem, MA, Peabody, MA and anywhere in the North Shore. Whether you've never put on a pair of tap shoes or you want to get back into tap dancing, whether you're 8 or 80, tap teacher Christa Terry knows you can do it!


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